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SkySplat – 10-Reasons why SkySpark and other HVAC analytics platforms are failing to advance the Smart Building market

Find out why the future of HVAC is not in HVAC analytic platform and a few solutions you can use instead By: Zach Denning   Big Data. Analytics. Insights. Machine-learning. IoT… The list of buzzwords touted by HVAC analytic providers goes on-and-on. The HVAC and Smart Building markets are now inundated with buzzwords, but where’s […]

Your commercial office is the next Target for hackers – Part: 2

What happens when hackers springboard from your building automation system to your tenants’ networks By: Zach Denning   I’d like to preface this article by stating that during our research we reached out to every building owner that had vulnerabilities with details of information we discovered – All without cost to them and without the […]

Your building is smart – And so are squirrels!

3-reasons why your building is dumber than you think and what you can do to fix it   By: Zach Denning The biggest technological fallacy for the last 3-years in commercial buildings is how HVAC systems fit into the “Smart Buildings” bubble. HVAC and building automation manufacturers have plagued the market with overhyped marketing and […]

Three key trends we’ve learned about the HVAC industry

HVAC service is trending towards disruptive changes and here’s why! By: Zach Denning HVAC equipment has changed drastically in the last 25-years. Technicians are being stretched outside their comfort zones with job requirements similar to that of IT professionals. Owners and managers are finding it harder and harder to differentiate between providers leaving the bottom line as […]

How to get the most out of your HVAC service contract without spending more

Evolving your HVAC service contracts to curb complaints and high energy bills! By: Zach Denning Preventative maintenance was originally designed to reduce emergency failures and ultimately HVAC related tenant calls. Most studies conclude that there are 12-15% maintenance savings in preventative over reactive service from proper inspection and upkeep of units – Much like maintaining […]

Three ideas property managers can use to drive sustainability in their buildings – Without spending a fortune!

Try these steps to reduce energy consumption in your building and better control operating costs By: Zach Denning   Large commercial real estate companies typically have sustainability and engineering divisions tasked with finding building inefficiencies throughout their commercial portfolios. When we think building sustainability, our minds drift to sophisticated solutions involving key stakeholders and large capital budgets. Yet, when […]