What do I get as part of the Managed Services (Maintenance-as-a-Service)?

Under our Managed Services (Maintenance-as-a-Service) program EnerDapt analyzes at least two years of maintenance records to average your annual Routine Maintenance (RM) costs. Costs are escalated for the contract based on equipment age, degradation, etc. and clients pay a flat-monthly fee for all maintenance Р Including routine and preventative costs.

Under the program, EnerDapt takes full control of your equipment maintenance (Including monitoring, problem discovery, and repair procurement) outside of capital replacements. With our proactive equipment monitoring and optimization combined with real-time tenant support, clients can expect to pay 22-25% less for HVAC energy usage with 33-38% fewer tenant complaints.

What are co-managed services?

Co-managed services are a support tier EnerDapt offers management teams to improve equipment operation and reduce operating costs.

EnerDapt helps optimize and proactively monitor equipment while subsidizing and managing Preventative Maintenance (PM) contracts. As part of the service, EnerDapt triages HVAC-related tenant calls through our website to reduce time-to-repair by almost 200% compared to traditional Routine Maintenance (RM).

As part of the co-managed services, EnerDapt also can help source service providers in the event an HVAC problem must be escalated to onsite support.