What is the difference between the EnerVise server and a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)?

There are major differences between our offering and that of the traditional CMMS systems on the market.

Here are the basic feature differences:

  • CMMS systems are typically manual entry
    • Operators have to be technically inclined to enter information regarding equipment repairs, upgrades, etc.
    • Manual data entry has been known to take a substantial amount of time
    • All data is automatically tracked in the EnerVise monitoring dashboard and represented in easy to read, actionable metrics
  • Operators have to derive their own actionable intelligence from current CMMS offerings
    • Managers can look up equipment records but have to derive their own financial intelligence from the data in order to make actionable decisions
    • Metrics like Real-Time Replacement Payback and Excess Maintenance Costs that are available in the EnerVise monitoring system must be manually programmed and tracked in current CMMS systems
  • No automated preventative issue discovery
    • CMMS systems are utilized to track maintenance, not forecast
    • The EnerVise platform not only discovers issues but also tracks in real-time for easy resolution and monitoring of expected savings.