What’s the difference between the EnerVise monitoring service and current HVAC analytics platforms?

The EnerVise monitoring service uses analytic algorithms to learn how your building HVAC equipment operates so that it can discover potential HVAC issues before they impact tenants.

The difference between our service and that of analytics platforms is that we build and maintain all of our algorithms at no cost to the customer. In traditional analytics software, the customer is presented with a programming platform (Similar to Google Android or Apple IOS) that has the ability to run analytic algorithms. Contractors or 3rd parties must build the actual analytics algorithms or software routines within that platform and then maintain that programming post-project.

Essentially customers must pay upfront costs for platform hardware, licensing, and software programming when purchasing traditional analytics platforms which makes upfront costs 3-4x more than the EnerVise monitoring package – Life-cycle costs can be 6-8x more with maintenance of hardware and software.

With the EnerVise monitoring service, customers pay a low upfront setup fee and minimal monthly subscription fees for hosting. We utilize and maintain our proven analytics algorithms and programming on your HVAC equipment to discover and verify alarms as part of your subscription fees.

EnerDapt only charges customers more when we discover alarms and drive savings in your building – We only benefit when we drive your bottom line!