Energy Savings – Your Next Blind Investment!


Blind investments into energy

Would you make an investment without a guarantee? Why are building energy projects any different?

Minimize investment losses with OCMS

By: Zach Denning


You build your team of industry experts – All-star contractor, the best energy firm and your aggressive utility rep. Everybody working together to get the highest Return on Investment (ROI) coupled with the latest utility rebates for your latest energy investment. The project looks like a winner – 1 1/2 year payback and your utility covering 50% of the total project costs courtesy of your team’s ingenuity. What could possibly go wrong?

Six months post-project and you get an energy report that doesn’t make sense – You’re $15k off from the projected energy savings! What could it be? You invested hundreds into advanced energy dashboarding and cutting edge monitoring, so how did this happen? You put your team into motion and after several meetings and thousands in consultations they find the culprit is a few failed parts on retrofitted units. Crisis averted! Or was it?

Lost energy, emergency repairs, and consulting fees have cost you tens of thousands of dollars for what could have been an easy fix. Introducing Operating Cost Management Systems (OCMS) – Your insurance policy for energy investments! These systems are capable of finding and quantifying issues before they impact your savings – Turning emergency maintenance costs into planned, strategic investments.

By predicting and quantifying potential failures in your building your able to proactively reconcile these issues and understand how your savings are affected; Giving you complete financial visibility into your operating costs and the tools to properly manage your energy investment. Utilize these systems in your next energy project to reduce your risks and gain valuable financial insight in how your building operates!


My name is Zach Denning and I’m the CEO and owner of EnerDapt, Inc. We’re an HVAC engineering firm that utilizes cloud-baesd technology to bridge the technical and financial gaps commonly found in HVAC management strategies. Our OCMS EnerVise platform keeps customers knowledgeable about their building from life-cycle costs to forecasted maintenance, upgrades, andequipment replacements.   You can reach me at or visit our website at

OCMS; Building Operating Cost Management