What are the shared savings plans?

Clients can enroll in a shared savings plan for the Performance Adviser and Co-Managed Services tiers.

Under a shared savings plan, EnerDapt will model your building and produce an audit outlining potential savings from our optimization and management services. Savings estimates are within 4-5% accuracy and included in an ASHRAE Level: II equivalent report.

After enrollment, our EnerVise platform automatically calculates normalized monthly savings split between EnerDapt and the client.

Are their returns associated with the EnerVise monitoring service?

Yes. Clients see an average simple payback of 8-12 months for our services.

Payback is automatically calculated and tracked real-time so clients can evaluate the impact the EnerVise service has on their bottom line. All payback metrics can be accessed from the EnerVise dashboard via the Customer Portal.

What if I want to cancel my EnerVise monitoring service?

Customers can easily cancel their EnerVise monitoring service with little lost investment. Average customers using the EnerVise monitoring platform recoup initial setup fees within 4-6 months of installation.

Upon canceling service, EnerDapt will retrieve the installed onsite utility to ensure data is no longer transferred to the EnerVise server.

Client building software is left intact on the EnerVise server for 60 days after cancellation if customers want to re-initiate service.

What should I expect to pay for the EnerVise cloud-platform?

EnerDapt has evolved the payment process of cloud-based platforms into three categories:

  1. Initial Costs
    1. Initial costs are low as they are based on our appliance and software setup. The onsite appliance is setup in the building to secure data transfer. After setup, our engineers configure our software to learn your building.
  2. Monthly Subscription Fees
    1. Clients pay a small monthly subscription fee for appliance leasing, hosting, dashboard login, etc.
  3. Shared Alarm Savings
    1. Every alarm we find is physically verified by one of our engineering staff and typically has a 8-10 month simple payback. EnerDapt takes less than 5% of the total energy savings associated with each alarm. We only benefit when our clients save costs.